Press Quotes

“Rick delivered a pitch-perfect masterclass in working a room. My lovely wife, who escorted me on the night out, declared Rick to be ‘fuckin’ brilliant.’ He is a proper conductor of electrical energy into the room, a machine of perpetual comedy motion... Comedy Genius”

The Mumble

“Molland demonstrated no subject ought to be off-limits if handled intelligently and originally.”

The Scotsman

“perfect for the role of compere”


“mesmerising audiences with a plethora of left wing views... Molland is known to chew up agitators and spit them back out with furious authority.”

Edinburgh Evening News

“intelligent and witty, hitting all the right notes...

Molland is interesting and poignant, relevant and thought provoking” The Skinny

“pricking the pomposity of the powerful... A Daily Show vibe” 

Fest Magazine

“makes Richard Dawkins look like the Archbishop of Canterbury.”

The Scotsman